Aluminium Fuel Tanker designed in accordance to ADR standards intended for transportation of all petroleum products. Aluminium Fuel Tanker preferred for its light weight during transportation of petroleum products. Donat Trailers longterm experience and engineering make him capable to manufacture aluminium fuel tanker in 2.000 sqm closed factory.

Aluminium Fuel Tanker

Tank Capacity: 32.000 – 38.000 Liter
Axles: Each has 9 tones loading capacity, drum brake, air suspension or mechanical suspension.

Loading: Top loading system or Bottom loading system in accordance to ADR.

Unloading: Gravity discharge or pump & Metering system.

Compartment: 1-7 Compartment in accordance customer request.

Tank Material: 6 mm Aluminium alloy tank material.

Brake System: Double line air brake system, Knorr-Bremse EBS brake system.

Chassis: Made of ST52 steel sheet iron,

King-Pin: 2½” removable king pin. (JOST Brand)

Landing Legs: Front legs are mechanic lifter, 24 tones loading capacity. (JOST Brand)

Tires: 385 / 65 R 22,5 6+1 units tires and rims

Electric System: 24 V. Electric system in accordance with E.U Standards.

Paint: After sand-blasting, double line epoxy coat and double line paint in requested colour is applied.

Accessories: Fire extinguisher, cr-ni water tank, spare tire holder, spare tire, two side hose holder, delivery hose 6 m