Lowbed Trailer 8 Axle with its variety from 2 to 10 axle made by Donat Trailers engineering and long term experiences. Lowbed Trailer 8 Axle  can design for construction material transport, Long Pipe, Wind Energy Turbine transport. Type of Extendable Lowbed semi trailer can be telescopic or single extendable.

Lowbed Trailer 8 Axle

Axles: Each has 12 tones loading capacity, drum brake, air suspension, 3 fixed axle and 5 self-steering axle.

Brake System: Double line air brake system, Knorr-Bremse EBS brake system. TEBS G2 Electronic Braking System for Trailers

Width: 3100 mm + 350 x 2 mm extending sideway.

Extendable System: Extension from the middle 7.300 mm, locking mechanism at each 1 meter grade.

Gooseneck: Hydralic operated gooseneck.

Ground clearance: 870 mm

Chassis: Made of ST52 steel sheet iron, Box type chassis for extendable system.

Platform: Rhombus-shaped sheet iron and hard wooden floor is applied on wheel and for sides.

King-Pin: 2” removable king pin and place for 3½” king pin. (JOST Brand)

Landing Legs: Front legs are mechanic lifter, 24 tones loading capacity. (JOST Brand)

Ramp: Back ramps are double-acting hydraulic system. Electrically operated, hydraulic ramp.

Tires: 245 / 70 R 17,5 32+1 units tires and rims

Electric System: 24 V. Electric system in accordance with E.U Standards.

Paint: After sand-blasting, double line epoxy coat and double line paint in requested colour is applied.

Accessories: Tire scotch and holder, 2×11 extension bracket (350 + 350 mm.), side protection, metal sheet front panel (height 600 mm.), aluminium side panels at gooseneck area (height 600 mm.) 2×6 cargo tie-down collars, spare tire holder.