Donat Trailer offers variety of lowbed semi trailers from 2 to 10 axle with and without extension. 4 Axle Lowbed Semi  Trailer  can be designed for transportation of construction machinery, Long Pipes, Wind Energy Turbine or Wind Mill. Extendable type of lowbed semi trailer can be engineered with single or  telescopic extensions.

4 Axle Lowbed Semi Trailer

Axles: Each has 12 tones loading capacity, drum brake, air suspension, 3 fixed axle and 1 self-steering axle.

Brake System:Double line air brake system. In accordance to 71/320 EWG regulations, double circuit dry air pressure, (WABCO or KNORR BREMSE) TEBS Trailer Electronic Brake System.

Width: 2550 mm + 250 x 2 mm extension outriggers.

Extendable System: Extension from the middle 6.000 mm, locking mechanism at each 1 meter grade.

Ground clearance: 920 mm

Chassis: Box Type Chassis for Extendable and Cross Members, Made with ST 52 Steel Sheet iron.

Platform: Rhombus-shaped sheet iron and hard wooden floor is applied on wheel and for sides.

King-Pin:  2 ” removable king pin or 3½” king pin in accordance to 94 / 20 EC regulations. (190kN Tested)

Landing Legs: Front legs are mechanic lifter, 24 tones loading capacity.

Ramp: Double Acting Hydraulic Ramp with Electrically Operated Hydraulic Lifts. (285 x 80 cm)

Tires: 245 / 70 R 17,5 16+1 units tires and rims.

Rear Bumper: Fixed rear protective buffer in accordance to 70 / 221 EEC.

Electric System:24 Volt Electric System, Electrical Equipment in accordance to 76/756 EEC regulations, in conformity with ISO 12098, having 15 poles or 2×7 poles connected to the vehicle’s front panel.

Paint: After sand-blasting, double line epoxy coat and double line paint in requested colour is applied.

Accessories: Tire scotch and holder, 2×11 extension bracket (250 + 250 mm.), side protection, metal sheet front panel (height 400 mm.), aluminium side panels at gooseneck area (height 400 mm.) 2×6 cargo tie-down collars, spare tire holder.